7 Most Attractive Places To Visit In Jalandhar 

In the seventh century AD, the Chinese pilgrim Fahien came to India, which included the Jalandhar District

Rangla Punjab Haveli

There are a number of ways to get to Rangla Punjab Haveli, including taxis, rickshaws, or ride-hailing apps. You can also park your car near the Haveli 

Devi Talab Mandir Temple

The temple is home to the 58th Shaheedi Jor Mela. This mela is held every year in memory of Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh 

Wonderland Theme Park

The park features several attractions for all ages, including rides and indoor and outdoor dance clubs. There are even replicas of ghosts .

The Jang-E-Azadi Memorial

The Jang-e-Azadi memorial is a circular enclosure containing autonomous elements that are placed around the perimeter. 

Gurudwara Talhan Sahib Ji

This renowned Gurudwara is 150 years old and is situated in the Talhan village. Visitors are advised to visit during weekdays rather than on weekends .

Nikku Park

There are several things to do in Nikku Park. Kids will love the roller coaster and swings, while elders can spend time on conventional gardens and fountains. 

Surjit Hockey Stadium

The new AstroTurf field for the Surjit Hockey Stadium has been delayed due to several factors.