Best Places In Beverly Hills

Best Places In Beverly Hills

It is also home to the famous illuminated Beverly Hills sign and the Beverly Gardens Park, which features rose garden and fountains.

Beverly Garden Park

The park is popular with the local population and has a wide variety of activities and events.

Walking Tour of Beverly Hills

The area is home to numerous Hollywood star and has some of the most recognizable landmarks in the United States.

Dining in Beverly Hills

The Farm for a simple yet delicious lunch or dinner in the heart of Beverly Hills, the many dining affordable options.

The Greystone Mansion

It included athletic facilities, a swimming pool, a screening room, bowling alleys and an elaborate switchboard and telephone system. 

Franklin Canyon Park

The park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, the park features hiking and bicycle trails.

The Spadena House

The house has an interesting roof shape that looks like a witch's hat and the roof is covered with unusually-shaped dark shingles.