Best Places To Visit In Long Beach

Date; 28 August 2022

By: Anjali Kumari

You can enjoy museums, outdoor activities, or shopping, you will find a wide variety of things to do.

Junipero Cherry Beach

This beach is accessible to the general public and has a three-mile stretch of beach.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Families will love the touch tanks and the sharks and sea lions, the aquarium of the pacific is a five-acre site on Rainbow Harbor.

The Queen Mary

Queen Mary became a world-class ocean liner and made numerous trips around the world, it was one of the largest ocean liners.

Bluff Park

The Bluff Park Historic District Preservation Association is an organization dedicated to preserving the area's historical value.

Long Beach Museum of Art

The museum has a historic mansion, expansive galleries and garden, there are two floors of exhibits.


You can also find a large park, museum and public library in the area, Naples is also home to a rich patrons of the arts.