Best Places To Visit In Modesto

This artsy city also celebrates mid-century modern architecture and hosts the Modesto Architectural Festival.


The town is also home to historic sites such asthe McHenry Mansion, a stately 1880s home that is now a museum.

The Gallo Center For the Arts 

The Gallo Center for the Arts also features exhibitions, lectures, and workshops, it is one of the largest performing arts venues in California. 

Graffiti Summer

Graffiti Summer will take place in June in Modesto, California and will feature two stars from the film "American Graffiti".

The McHenry mansion has three levels, one of which is the attic and another that is full basement.

The McHenry Mansion Museum

Graceada Park

Graceada Park is a wonderful community park with large playground, shaded pathways and tennis courts.

Jacob Meyer Park

This green space has a boat ramp, fishing pier, gazebo, playground and trails, there are also several ways to get around the park.