Best Places To Visit In Palm Springs

There are also several galleries, a café and lecture hall, Palm Springs is known for its modern art has a number of art museum.

Palm Springs Air Museum

The museum features a variety of World War II military aircraft, including a variety of fighter planes, bombers and trainers. 

Aerial Tramway

Palm Springs is famous for its warm climate, but the Aerial Tramway is an ideal way to cool off in the desert, its the largest Tramway in the world.

Play Golf

The swing itself is an athletic movement, so it's important to have athletic mindset to play well. 

The museum's collection also includes American, Native American and Mesoamerican art, there are sculpture gardens.

Art Museum

The Coachella Valley

It is a natural refuge for desert birds, bats and other species, it is a great place to go hiking, bird watching or to simply relax in nature.


There are many ways to explore the desert, the museum has an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art.