Adventures Traveling in California  2022 


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Disney California Adventure Park 


It was originally named Disney’s California Adventure Park. The park opened February 8, 2001.


San Diego Zoo Safari Park 

The park is visited annually by 2,000,000 people. It houses approximately 400 species of animals and 3,500 species of plants. 




Six Flags Magic Mountain     

It was developed by the Newhall Land and Farming Company and Sea World Inc. and opened its doors on May 29, 1971.


Safari West 

These include giraffes and rhinoceros, cape bison, cape buffalo, watusi  cows, antelopes, cheetahs and zebras as well as hyenas and many species  of birds.  

Balboa Fun Zone 



The Balboa Fun Zone, a family-friendly destination, is located in Newport Beach, Orange County.

USS Midway Museum 

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Wakeboarders have access to 600,000 acres of lakes throughout the state.