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After losing to Packers the Buccaneers looked like their worst enemy

Everything seemed normal again for a while Sunday afternoon. 

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Metaphorically speaking, this offense, which has managed just three touchdowns over three games, has struggled to get the ball set and execute.


This was not surprising, as it was the real issue in the Bucs' 14-12 loss at the Packers. An offense with two primary targets down,


that kept a third weapon on the table, that signed a player from the street and lifted him off the practice team in the morning.


Then, he threw the second of his day to him. Even though Brady did not give up his veteran day off, that offense was unlikely to be the most efficient in the heat.


What's one great way to support a defense against big plays? Flipping the field position and tying down teams in their own territory using special teams


Pat O'Donnell of the Packers placed five punts within the 20 yard line. The other was one that Keisean Trump took at the 2-yard limit.  


Rudy Ford, Gunner of the Bucs, made one tackle with no gain and was there in order to force three fair catch attempts by the returner.