Are Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa actually dating?

New photos from The Daily Mail show Dua lipa, the singer of The Daily Show and Trevor Noah

the Daily Show host. The photo shows them kissing at Miss Lily 7A Cafe in New York City's East Village. In an effort not to be out of place,

Noah, 38, and Dua lipa, 27, kept their past relationships private. However, there have been rumors about the new images. Some believe that the two met at the 2022 Grammys in Las Vegas.

According to the insider, they left together and walked. They stopped for long embraces and then continued on with their second kisses.

Dua is romantically linked with the TV presenter for the first time since her split from Anwar Hadid, her boyfriend of two-years.

It was reported by Dua and Anwar that they had called it quits in December 2021. Distance was believed to have played some part.

Bella Hadid, the Levitating' singer and brother of Gigi Hadid, first began dating in 2019; they even lived together during lockdown.

Trevor was last linked with Minka Kelly (his ex-girlfriend), who he had been dating since 2020. The couple ended their relationship in May 2017.