Attractive Things To Do In Monkey Island, Florida

Monkey Island Florida is an attraction for people visiting the Nature Coast.  

The island has a lighthouse, Cedar trees, and a monkey “playground.” Staff members feed the monkeys fresh fruit on a daily basis. 

The island is located on the Homosassa River on the western coast of Florida. It is home to a family of spider monkeys, which harass tourists and perform illegal activities. 

In the 1960s, a developer created Homosassa Wildlife State Park, which includes a number of animals and plants. 

The population of Monkey Island is overwhelmingly female. Seventy-three percent of its residents are women, with the remainder comprised of men.  

Monkey Island is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. The park’s employees cross-train to feed the monkeys twice a day with USDA-approved “monkey chow. 

The original Monkey Island was an uninhabited island that was completely covered by water during high tide. A man named G.A. 

The small island sits in the Homosassa River and is home to five monkeys. Located near the Florida Cracker Riverside Resort.