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Biden addresses nation: Too much of today's events are not normal.

Thursday was a day of warning for Americans by President Biden. 

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Biden, in a rare primetime speech, attacked his predecessor saying that "too little of what is happening in our nation today isn’t normal."


Two months before the midterm congressional elections, Biden made the speech. Democrats are fighting for slim majorities in Congress and the Senate.


Although the White House claimed that it was not a speech of political intent, Biden launched several political broadsides to attack Trump and his supporters


He called them the "MAGA Republicans" in reference to the slogan "Make America Great Again", which was used by the former President.


Sosnik stated, "The real power in the presidency is understanding its use of the bully-pulpit." "The greater your relationship with the American public,


Biden attacked Republicans for "MAGA extremism", and "semifascism," over the past week. Now, officials from the administration say Biden felt it was time to give a more serious,


Biden spoke from behind bulletproof glass to a crowd of 300 people. It was not far from where Biden made his formal announcement for the presidency in 2019,