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Brandi Carlile and Her Wife Perform a New Version Of 'You and Me on the Rock'

In the Canyon Haze: A Deluxe Version Of Carlile’s In These Silent Days.

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Brandi Carlile is preparing to release In The Canyon Haze. It's a deluxe version of her No.

Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile prepares for the release of In The Canyon Haze which is a new deluxe version of her No.


I knew I wanted to offer something more than the usual 'bonus tracks'. That always feels like a creative method to ask people to buy your album twice.

bonus tracks

Carlile claimed that she began the project while trying to put out a deluxe "Silent Days", which would have bonus tracks. But, she decided to make the whole album a bonus.

Carlile claimed

The "canyon” refers to the artist's view that the rework aims for a vintage Laurel Canyon vibe in the reconfigured arrangements.


The running order of the new album is exactly the same as the original, except for an acoustic cover by David Bowie of "Space Oddity", which she performs often in concert. This tag was added to the end.

Space Oddity

While the digital and CD versions are due out Sept. 28, a double-LP vinyl version with multi-colors will be out Nov. 25, which coincides with Record Store Day.