Amazing Places To Visit In Anderson , Indiana


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Mounds State Park 


There are ten ceremonial mounds that were built by the Hopewell and Adena cultures.


Madison County Historical Society

There are many exhibits at the museum, including one that features World War II County Heroes. 




Oakley Brothers Distillery             

It is part of the Indiana Foodways Alliance's Sprited Bews and Hoosier Distillery trails.


York Performance Hall & Galleries 

The building was constructed in 1865, and has two wings that date back to the 1870s. 



The museum is a half-block walk from the downtown area. Parking is available in a 50-lot city lot to the east, which is free on weekends.

Museum of Art 

Former Lone Star 

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Former lone star Anderson Indiana is currently playing in the minors for the Texas Rangers.