Chloe Grace Moretz was "really affected" viral Family Guy meme 

The Kick-Ass actress spoke out about her struggles with body dysmorphia and anxiety in an interview with Hunger Magazine.


She explained to the outlet that there was one meme that affected her deeply. This was me carrying a box of pizza in my hand as I walked into a hotel.


 "And this photo was altered to make Family Guy's character with the long legs, short torso and short torso. It was one the most widely shared memes of all time."


"Everyone was making fun about my body, and I brought the matter up with someone and they were like, "Oh, shut up, it's funny," she said. 


I just recall sitting there and thinking that my body was being used as a joke, and it's something about me that I can not change, and it is being shared all over Instagram."


Moretz, who was upset by the viral meme on social networks, said she felt "kinda sad" and had largely turned her back on the media 


 She shared, "It took an extra layer of something I used enjoy, which would have been getting dressed up on a carpet and snapping a picture. It made me extremely self-conscious."


Despite her continued roles in numerous film and TV projects (including 2016's Neighbors: Sorority Rising, 2018’s The Mis educational Cameron Post