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Coco Gauff defeats Shuai Yang to reach the US Open quarterfinal

Coco Gauff raised a fist, then waved her right index fingers,

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Gauff and her supporters were reacting enthusiastically to quite a point in which the Floridian teenager raced to her left for a defensive forehand


Gauff was the French Open runnerup in June and he returned in each set. He beat Zhang 7-5 (7-5 on Sunday) to become the youngest American to make it to the US Open.


"Here! I can't even hear myself screaming. This makes me want it more. I feel that I'm benefiting from the momentum a lot


17 Caroline Garcia (France) on Tuesday. "New York brings out a part of me that's been missing since I was 15. It's wonderful."


Gauff trailed 5-4 in the first set and 5-3 in her second, which was just one point away from losing. However, she was cheered on by the crowd who sang,

Gauff trailed

"Let’s go Coco!" as the match neared its end. After never having won a Grand Slam match in the Arthur Ashe Stadium, she improved her record to 4-0.

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Gauff and Gauff competed mostly at the baseline. The exchanges were longer, so Gauff found more success. She was able to claim a 45-26 advantage in points which lasted at least five strokes.