Deebo Samuel, 49ers roll over Rams, forge four-way NFC West tie

The defense of the San Francisco 49ers was struggling in their two losses this season.

They needed some help from the offense. Deebo Samuel was the real help needed Monday night against Los Angeles Rams.

Los Angeles 

Samuel was the catalyst for the Niners' struggling offense. His whirling dervish of the touchdown catch at 57 yards gave life to the offense. Samuel then led


the team to a six-catch, 120-yard night. San Francisco's tough defense won the day in a 24-9 win that marked


 the Niners' seventh consecutive win over the Rams in the regular-season. This win moved the 49ers to 2:2 on the season, and 2-0 at the NFC West.


Next Gen stat: Samuel’s 57-yard touchdown catch during the second quarter had a net of 51 yards, which was more than expected according to NFL Next Gen Stats.



It's the second-most pass play by the Niners since 2016, after only the 83 yards he had to make in order



to score in a win against the Chicago Bears in 2016. Samuel ran for 79.7 total yards on the touchdown.