Donot Miss this 7 Best Places

Chhattisgarh is one of the few places in India with a combination of natural beauty and cultural heritage. 


Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary

You will be astonished to see the barking deer as you make your way through the muddy paths.


. Raipur, which is located in the middle of the plains also known as the “rice bowl of India”, is surrounded by Bemetara and Durg.

Shri Rajiv Lochan Mandir 

The temple is located at the confluence of the three rivers Mahanadi (Pairy, Sondhu, and Mahanadi).

Danteshwari Temple

Tourists can visit this temple and light the Jyotikalashas during the Dusshera period to pay homage and honor the Goddess.


Jagdalpur is the ideal place to explore Chhattisgarh’s rich cultural traditions and historical history without being disturbed by the noise of Raipur.


Sirpur, a peaceful village full of wonders, offers a unique mix of culture and art with different performances and a deep history of the evolution


t preserves its tribal culture and history in tribal hamlets. There are also traditional arts such as music, dance and local cuisines.