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Eugenio Debez is "fine" after recent accident but will need a 'long 

Eugenio Diebez, a Mexican comedian and actor, producer, 

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Rosaldo indicated that she will have to fulfil several work commitments which she cannot cancel. But, she stated that she will be focusing her efforts on the recovery of her husband


Derbez was birthed in Mexico City on Sept. 2, 1961. He is the son Mexican actress Silvia Debez and Mario Eugenio Gonzalez.


His career began as an extra. Later, he joined the animation crew of "En Familia con Chabelo", a renowned family game show that ran for almost 50 year on Mexican television


Rosaldo said that Eugenio needs to be focused on the process in order to move forward. Rosaldo added, "At the moment, the priority is for Eugenio to focus on this,


Eugenio will quickly recover thanks to the good energy that all of you will send and the favors of God.


1981 was the year that "Acapulco's" star made his first appearance in showbiz. He appeared on the Mexican sitcom "!!Cachun Cachun Ra Ra!"  


Derbez has been a crossover star on the silverscreen in recent years. He starred in "How to Be a Latin Lover," "Dora and the Lost City of Gold", and 2021’s Oscar-winning "CODA."