Kunnamkulam Kerala

One of the most famous temples in Kunnamkulam is the Vedakkad Durga Devi Temple, one of the 108 famous Durga shrines in the state.

Vazhani Dam

If you love tranquil surroundings, Vazhani Dam is for you. Its serene mood will relax and calm your mind just like zen music.

Punnathur Kotta Anakakotta

The former palace of the local ruler, Punnathur Kotta is now the home of the elephants of the Guruvayoor Sri Krishna Temple.

Elephant Camp Sanctuary

If you’re considering an elephant-related vacation, there are many places to choose from in Guruvayur, including the elephant camp sanctuary.

Municipal Childrens Park

The structure has braille signs and wheelchair-accessible ramps connecting the jungle gyms.

Ancient Cave in Chowannur

The Ariyannur Umbrellas, also known as Kodakkallu (Umbrella Stone), are a centrally protected ancient monument.