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Gold sales increased by more than 20% in the past two days of Dhanteras 202022. There are no restrictions on covids this year and people seem to be more inclined to spend.

On October 23, gold prices rose by Rs. 750 and have generally remained the same since. The price of ornamental gold in Kolkata was Rs 48,450 for 10 grams and the gold with 99.5

Today is Diwali, so the gold prices will likely remain at Rs 48,000 per 10g across major cities. Surat's 22-carat Gold was priced at Rs 48.160 for 10 grams.

The prices for 24-carat Gold in Delhi rose to Rs 50510 per 10g, while ornamental or 22-carat Gold was at Rs 48,100 each teng.

The price of 22-carat Gold in Chennai is Rs 47,400 for 10 grams, while that of 24-carat Gold was Rs 49,770 for 10 grams.

Lucknow's ornamental gold was sold at Rs 48,100 for 10 grams, while the 24-carat gold was sold at Rs 50,510 for 10 grams.

Patna's 22-carat gold was Rs 48,450 for 10 grams, while the 99.9 percent purity 24-carat gold was Rs 50,870 for 10 grams.

The 10 grams of 22-carat Gold was priced in Kolhapur at Rs 47.880, while the 24-carat version was priced at Rs 50.270 for 10 grams.

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