Halifax stabbing killed Pat Stay, an internationally acclaimed battle rapper

Pat Stay, who was reportedly killed in a stabbing attack in Nova Scotia (Canada) on Sunday morning, i

TMZ reported that Pat Stay, a 36-year-old Canadian rapper, died after he was stabbed in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


 Although the death hasn't been confirmed officially by police officers, Pete Stay (the brother of Canadian rapper Pat Stay) confirmed it to CBC.

Pat Stay

Despite his success he admitted that he didn’t have any connections that could get him on “big media outlets/platforms”.


Pat had over 75,000 followers on Instagram at the time of his passing and over 43,000 on Twitter.


The Dartmouth, N.S.-based man was known for his skills in rap battles. This is where two rappers compete in front a crowd using a mix o insults and rhymes.


Police have confirmed that Pat was the victim of the stabbing in Halifax. Pete Stay, his brother confirmed Pat's death to CBC. 


Bonnie Godiva, a female baton rapper, was a friend to Stay's. She is deeply saddened by the news of his death.

Bonnie Godiva,