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Here's Why Yunggravy Brought Addison Raes Mom to 2022 VMAs

Addison Rae was 42 when her mom, Yung Gravy (26), walked the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards. 

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The Tik Tok actress wore a laced up lavender mini dress and metallic violet heels. Gravy, who is actually Matthew Hauri, chose a black suit and unbuttoned light Purple shirt.


Yunggravy sure is a vicious guy, and the "Betty(Get Money)" star proved that all the mamas loved him when he brought Addison Rae, TikTok star, to the MTV Video Music Awards.


Gravy, 26, fell in love with Easterling while they were both on an episode. Lopez posted a bizarre video in which Gravy was challenged to a boxing match by the 46-year-old Lopez.


Yunggravy took to the VMAs Pre-Show stage to perform "Betty(Get Money)," which is a viral version of Rick Astley’s 1987 hit, "Never Gonna give You Up." The track reached No


You might find it helpful to look at the background of the young rapper who made a name himself on TikTok. The 2017 release of Mr. Clean was his first appearance on the TikTok scene. Clean.


owever, as for her new possible romance with Yung Gravy, their relationship/possible really close friendship (like friends who kiss at award shows) seemingly started in July 2022.  


The 2022 MTV Video Music Awards featured a legendary roster of celebrity appearances. It's no surprise that viewers enjoyed some memorable content.