Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Hoshiarpur, India


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peaceful surroundings 


The peaceful surroundings of the area make it a perfect place for family vacations. The dam was constructed with the assistance 


Guru Sahib visited  

The Guru Sahib visited many places during his visits to the city. The sangat was enlightened by his spiritual advice and was inspired by the holy texts.  




District of Hoshiarpur 

Dholbaha is a village in the District of Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India. Originally the village was inhabited by the Bishnois. Today, the locals continue to worship the ancestors who lived here.


Singhi Hills 


The area is divided into plain and hilly regions. The eastern face of the valley is formed by the westward slope of the Solar Singhi Hills, while the Siwalik Range extends along the north.  

infrastructure development 


The building of Gurdwara Sri Garna Sahib was constructed by Sardar Jodh Singh and completed by Bhai Ishar Singh after 1816. It has undergone continuous infrastructure development,

Kamahi Devi Temple

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The village of Beh Nangal is about 11 km from the temple, and you can take a bus to get there. You can also take a taxi to Kamahi Devi Temple from the bus stand. From Hoshiarpur,