Incredible Tourist Places to Visit in Kodaikanal 

Kodaikanal, a paradise on Earth is a popular tourist destination in India. It promises a memorable vacation. 

Kodaikanal is well-known for its beautiful waterfalls, including the Bear Shola Falls and Silver Cascades, Glen Falls, Fairy Falls, and Glen Falls.  

The hill station of Kodaikanal, located in the Palani hills’ southern crest and under the administrative control Dindigul district (Tamil Nadu), is approximately 120 km away from Madurai.  

Take a look at the Kodaikanal Lake from above. You will be stunned to see the star-shaped water body which is the heart of the city.  

You can either sit and wander around or you can go boating, which is charged. You can fish at the lake if you have the permits.  

We would be without this beautiful piece of nature today if Mr Bryant hadn’t planted the majestic pine trees in 1906. Kodaikanal Pine Forest is a wonderful . 

These forests are surrounded by large numbers of Magic mushrooms. You might be surprised to learn that this forest has been used as a backdrop in many Indian movies. 

Another popular museum in the area is the Kodai Museum, located 5 km from the city center. Established in 1895 CE, this museum has archaeological remains and samples of the local flora.