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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins the Cast of Season 4 of 'The Boys’

The movie caught me completely off guard. When I went into the theater, I was not expecting much.

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It was unnecessary to worry. "The invitation" was one of my most memorable and enjoyable theater trips this summer.


Thompson and Autumn Eakin are able to produce a beautifully shot and staged film. The film is a pulpy affair, but it has A-list production quality


My brother is the family geneticist. He keeps us all informed on obscure branches of the family tree.


Nathalie Emmanuel (English actress) is well-known for her roles as Missandel and Ramsey on TV's Game of Thrones (2011)


If "The Invitation" seems familiar, you may be conflating it with a 2016 film of the same name, a horror flick that Roger Ebert described as "a dinner-party-from-hell scenario best served as unspoiled as possible

"The Invitation"

Rotten Tomatoes summarizes it: "She is at first seduced and seduced" by the sexy aristocrat host. But she soon discovers dark secrets about her family's past and the sinister intentions behind their sinful generosity.


Starring Nathalie Emmanuel. Thomas Doherty. Stephanie Corneliussen. Hugh Skinner. Kata Sabo. Scott Alexander Young. Virag barany. Sean Pertwee. Elizabeth Counsell. Courtney Taylor. Jeremy Wheeler. Carol Ann Crawford