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Lindsey Graham Threatens "Riots in Streets", if Trump is Prosecuted 

Trumpworld is struggling. Mar-a-Lago has been under FBI investigation since

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Donald Trump may be illegally missing with boxes of classified government documents. Every new piece of information on the subject is more concerning than the previous.

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Trump's claim that the search warrant was politically motivated is also not supported by the documents that underpinned it. The majority of attempts to defend the ex-president have been unsuccessful at best.


Trump shared the clip with approval on his Truth Social Website, where he seems like he is priming his base to aggressive public unrest, such as S.V


Glenn Kirschner was a former federal prosecutor who told the outlet that Trump’s recent comments over social media were reminiscent of protection rackets utilized by organized crime syndicates.


Trump is known to have made a similar threat. Evidently, Trump sent a "message to Attorney General Merrick Grland: "The nation is on fire." What can you do to lower the heat?


Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham seems to have an odd talent for making inflammatory forecasts. After the 2014 State of the Union address given by Barack Obama 

Lindsey Graham  

 the South Carolinian declared that "the world is literally about exploding." Graham then predicted two years later that Donald Trump's foreign-policy agenda would "lead again to another 9/11."