Liz Sunak lose to Liz Truss in Tory leadership race for the title of new UK PM

Liz Truss will become the next UK Prime minister, replacing Boris Johnson.

Truss' victory in Parliament was just announced and she will officially assume the post tomorrow when Johnson, who resigned in July in disgrace


The former Foreign and International Trade Secretary was comfortably elected, with 57% or 81,000 Conservative Party members voting her in as opposed to Sunak's 66,000 votes.


Truss accepted her win and said that it had been a "hardening" campaign during which the "depth & breadth of Conservative Party talent”


You are admired everywhere from Kyiv, Carlisle," she declared to her party colleagues as they gathered for the announcement.


The results were officially announced by Sir Graham Brady at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, near Downing Street in London.


British Indian MP's failure to win the race was due to the Tory's loyalty to Johnson as Prime Minister, which they perceive as being betrayed,


Although the 1.5-million strong Indian diaspora stood behind the UK born MP for Richmond in Yorkshire, the Conservative Party's other sections,