Maneskin Delivers Risque Performance from 'Supermodel' at 2022 VMAs

Damiano David's braless guys were what TV viewers saw of Maneskin performing "Supermodel" 

Maneskin members Victoria De Angelis and Damiano David showed off their Lil Kim circa 1999 VMA-inspired looks on Sunday's red carpet at 2022 MTV VMAs.


David, who was naked but not ashamed of his body, donned chaps that exposed the rear end of his stomach. MTV zoomed on the performance multiple times to at-home viewers


Maneskin's appearance tonight may have brought viewers back in 1991, when Prince performed “Gett Off” at the MTV backless men.


MTV and VMAs share bits of Maneskin’s funny performance on their social accounts. However, the broadcast mainly showed an aerial view instead of a close-up


Red Hot Chili Peppers had two songs to play earlier in the night and were the recipients this year of the Global Icon Award. Chad Smith dedicated 


After he displayed his naked body to the crowd viewers at home noticed that the network switched to wide camera shots throughout the Prudential Center Newark


De Angelis, dressed in her entire outfit was shown to a group of dancers before the cameras cut. De Angelis continued performing, and the editing was choppy.