Most Attractive  Places To Visit In Tahuya, Washington

Most Attractive  Places To Visit In Tahuya, Washington

This charming community is home to numerous hiking trails and fun activities, as well as stunning views.

Robin Hood Village

The Robin Hood Village Resort is a former art colony and a haven for artists. This historic property was bought by Darin and Tami Barry over 20 years ago.

Robin's Lake

 Robbins Lake is one of several small lakes on the Tahuya Peninsula. Its remote, surrounded mostly by forest, and has a scout camp on one end.

Christine Lake Dam

 The dam was built in 1967 for recreational use. It is owned by the Lake Christine Comm Club Inc.

Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is the largest protected area in the temperate zone of the world, and its diverse ecosystems make it a spectacular destination for outdoor recreation.