Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Berkeley, California 



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UC Botanical Garden 

If you're a plant lover, you will love a visit to the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley California.  

No. 1

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Berkeley Marina  

Marina is one of the biggest marinas in the Bay Area. It's located five miles across the bay from downtown San Francisco.  

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The Berkeley Rose Garden  

If you are a rose lover, you are sure to enjoy visiting the Rose Garden in North Berkeley, California.  

Berkeley Art Museum

The Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive is located on the campus of the University of California.

It is a renowned landmark, and is regarded as the third tallest bell and clock tower in the world.  

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Executive Chef Matt Gandin creates modern interpretations of traditional Mexican dishes.                                                               


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Located in Tilden Park, the Regional Parks Botanic Garden in Berkeley, California is a living museum of native California plants.

Regional Parks Botanic Garden