Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Decatur, Alabama  In Alabama 



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Wheeler Wildlife Refuge 

Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, or WNR, is an important habitat for many species of wildlife. 

No. 1

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Point Mallard Park  

Point Mallard Park and Campground is a full service facility with a wide variety of activities and attractions. 

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Cook Museum of Natural Science  

Cook Museum of Natural Science is a fun place to visit in Decatur, Alabama.  

Delano Park

The Rose Garden, as the name implies, is a gorgeous garden full of flowers.                

The Carnegie Visual Arts Center  

The visual arts community in Decatur has experienced significant growth over the past five years. 

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Since then it has hosted a variety of events and cultural experiences.                                                          

The Princess Theatre

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The Dancy-Polk House in Decatur, Alabama is the oldest building in the city.                                                                   

The Dancy-Polk House

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