Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Lancaster, California 



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Museum of Art and History 

It was opened originally as the Lancaster Museum and Art Gallery.                                                                       

No. 1

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The Western Hotel Museum 

The museum is a converted 19th-century hotel that houses a diverse collection of historical artifacts.  

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Sgt. Steve Owen Memorial Park  

It is a wonderful place for families as well as those who are looking to spend the day outdoors. 

Indian Museum State Historic Park

The Antelope Valley Indian Museum is an excellent place to spend a family day. 

Performing Arts Center 

The Performing Arts Center offers a unique, intimate space for music, dance, and theater, as well as workshops for children. 

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There are also a few places where you can check out the local landmarks.                                                              

The Kill Bill Church

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he Milestones of Flight Air Museum is a fairly new facility in Lancaster, California.

Milestones of Flight Air Museum