Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Richmond, Virginia 



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Virginia Museum of Fine Arts 

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, VA is one of the city's most exciting attractions. 

No. 1

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Virginia Capitol Building 

The Virginia State Capitol Building is a landmark in Richmond, Virginia.  

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the Confederacy  

The White House of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia was once the residence of Jefferson Davis and his family.  

Virginia Holocaust Museum

Visitors can also see a replica of the only standing synagogue in Lithuania.

The Virginia War Memorial in Richmond, Virginia is a tribute to the nearly 12,000 Virginians who gave their lives in service of the United States.  

Virginia War Memorial 

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During the Revolutionary War, Benedict Arnold became a traitor on the British side.  

Historic St. John's Church

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With over 300 hands-on exhibits, the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is a fun place to visit.

Science Museum of Virginia

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