Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Salinas, California 



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National Steinbeck Center 

The National Steinbeck Center is a nonprofit museum dedicated to the works of the American author John Steinbeck. 

No. 1

The Steinbeck House  

If you are looking to experience a slice of history while visiting Salinas, California, you should definitely check out the Steinbeck House. 

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Monterey Zoo 

With over 100 species of animals to choose from, you're sure to be able to find something for everyone. 

Tatum's Garden

The Tatum's Garden is an all inclusive playground built in Salinas California.

Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge 

Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge is located along the Pacific Flyway.  

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The Fairways Golf Course is a great golf course located in Monterey County, California. 

Salinas Fairways Golf Course

The Salinas Valley Art Gallery is a local art gallery that showcases works of several talented artists.

Salinas Valley Art Gallery

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