Salisbury North Calorina Attractions


If you are looking for some fun and exciting activities in the area of  Salisbury, North Calorina, there are plenty to choose from.

Dan Nichols Park


Dan Nicholas Park in Salisbury, NC is a 425 acre nature and wildlife  destination. The park is free to enter and offers a number of  recreational.

Gold Hill Mines Historic Park


Gold Hill is a restored nineteenth-century mining town in North  Carolina. It was one of the first places in the United States to  discover gold.

Blue Waters Pool


The Blue Waters Pool in Salisbury, NC is one of the most popular summer  attractions in the area. Featuring over 20,000 square feet of water

Millbridge Speedway


Millbridge Speedway is a 1/8 mile dirt oval located just west of  Salisbury, North Carolina. The track has been around for nearly a decade  and a half.

Lee Street Theatre


The Lee Street Theatre is a burgeoning performance arts center in the  heart of Downtown Salisbury, NC. This venue, which opened in November  2013

Ghost Walk tour


Salisbury North Carolina has been dubbed the most haunted city in the southeast. The town has been home to many historic sites.