Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Nainital, India


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bird sanctuary 


The zoo is also close to the town center. You can also spend time in nearby Pangot village, which is famous for its bird sanctuary.


Naina Devi temple  

The ancient Naina Devi temple was built on the upper edge of the lake. It was destroyed in an 1880 landslide but has since been rebuilt. 




Mall Road.  

The entrance to the Eco Cave Gardens is one kilometre from the Mall Road.


Governor’s House 


The Governor’s House is another historic landmark in Nainital. It is an iconic symbol of British heritage in the state.  

lush pine forests.   



The small town of Kilbury lies 13 kms away from Nainital and is home to lush pine forests.

major city,

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The nearest airport is in Kathgodam, 45 km away from Kainchi Dham. Alternatively, if you’re planning a trip from a major city,