Best Places To Visit In Nampa, Idaho

by "Vishal"


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The Nampa Train Depot Museum 


The museum showcases a wide range of historical items including 18th-century quilts, farm tools, railroad memorabilia, and more.


Lake Lowell

Here you'll find many family-owned bakeries, specialty markets, and local produce. There are also wine stores and artisan cheese mongers.  





This underground ossuary was built at the end 18 th centuries. It holds six million Parisians' bones.


Sawtooth Winery 


Located in the Snake River Valley, Sawtooth Winery offers a boutique style winery experience. 

Amity Dog Park 



Amity Dog Park is Nampa's first off-leash dog park. Located in the East  Nampa neighborhood on 2nd Street S, the park opened in July 2009.

Siene River

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You can spend a sunny afternoon exploring the touristy places by starting from Notre Dame.