NASCAR Cup Texas Reddick wins race plagued with tyre failure

FORT Worth, Texas (AP), Chase Elliott was leading Texa

Reddick may be out of contention for the playoffs. But that didn't stop Richard Childress racing driver Richard Childress from taking a third win from the season.


As he drove home from a race with 16 cautions plus a red flag, he was still able to charge to the finish line in a race that had been stalled.


Numerous tyre issues marred the race, particularly for Chase Elliott (title contender) and Christopher Bell (title contender).


Elliott was leading the 500-mile race on points. He crashed into Turn 4 on lap 85. This ended his race in flames. The right-front corner caught fire and he drove through the infield to the finish.

Bell, Joe Gibbs Racing's driver, also crashed out at Turn 4, after his second punctured tyre in the race. He ended up in 34th.


Reddick stated, "I was extremely concerned [about the tires]," and he wasn't going to lie. "Unfortunately, almost every time we have had fast cars


we have had some tyre issues. Yes, the right side was vibrating really, really hard during that last run.