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National Dog Day: Deals and Freebies for Your Dog 

Dogs will eat your couch. They greet you at the front door

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The website states that the site's mission is "to help galvanize people to recognize the need for rescue of dogs each year, and to acknowledge family dogs


Shelter animal shelters have seen a decrease of adoptions over the past year, according to a Shelter animals Count National Database report.


The Springfield News-Leader, part USA TODAY Network's USA TODAY Network, interviewed an animal shelter in Missouri. They said that financial strain, a return of in-person employment,


A dog owner doesn't necessarily need to set aside a specific day for their furry friend. Your dog deserves love and attention all day.

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This roundup includes the best deals available for National Dog Day from the most beloved pet retailers to the small, animal-focused businesses that celebrate this wonderful holiday.


Chewy, a trusted supplier of pet supplies for dog owners, is known for offering a wide variety of options as well as fast and efficient shipping.


Petco is a well-known retailer for its great deals throughout the year. Petco has increased their savings this week in celebration of National Dog Day.