Ned Fulmer's Try Guys cheating scam, explained

Ned Fulmer, one of The Try Guys was fired from the show after he admitted cheating on Ariel Fulmer with an employee.


Fulmer said, "Family should've always been my top priority, but I lost sight of that and had a consensual relationship at work." 


"My marriage and my children are all that is important at the moment, and that's what I will be focusing my attention on."


Fulmer shared the news via Twitter, shortly after the Try Guys announcement. He confirmed rumors that he had had an extramarital affair.


Ariel Fulmer posted on Instagram that she was grateful for all the support. Our family is the most important thing to me and Ned. We ask that you keep our privacy private 


Fans posted in online forums that Fulmer had not been featured in the group’s latest videos or was cut from some of their previous episodes prior to the Try Guys announcement.


Fulmer's departure will mean that The Try Guys will consist of Keith Herzberger. Zach Kornfeld. Eugene Lee Yang.


The group began their careers at BuzzFeed. They left BuzzFeed in June 2018 to start their own production business, 2nd Try.