8 Best Places to visit in Pasadena, Texa


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Henry Edwards Huntington 


Henry Edwards Huntington (1850-1927), who was a landowner and played a key role in the growth Southern California.


huge rancho covering 

The land was first deeded to California by a Spanish governor. It was part of a huge rancho covering 36,000 acres. 





The Norton Simon collection includes European paintings, sculptures, tapestries, and tapestries.


Southern California 


The Arboretum can be found on a part of Rancho Santa Anita that was one of the Mexican land-grants of Southern California. 

UCLA Bruins 



Rose Bowl is best known for hosting the Rose Bowl Game every year. It has been the UCLA Bruins’ home stadium since 1982.  

 Fenyes House 

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Gamble House was designed to stand apart from the many houses around it, including the Neoclassical-style Fenyes House