"The United States condemns Russia’s fraud to annexe Ukrainian territory. 

Reaction to Putin's declaration of annexation in Ukraine

 Russia is violating international laws, and it is trampling on United Nations Charter. This shows its contempt towards peaceful nations all over the world

Putin's (Russia's) war is also a war on an idea of international law. It was supported not just by North Americans and Europeans, but also by most of other countries and the United Nations 

principle of the world order is that bigger countries should not have the right to seize parts of smaller ones, that mass murder of entire populations 

in unacceptable, and that borders cannot be changed by violence or at the whim of one dictator. Putin challenged the idea when he

annexed Crimea. While he did hold a sham vote, outsiders still believed that it was valid. While sanctions were imposed,

The scenario was shown: Armed men went home to collect so-called votes, while some people were left in poverty by the war and were offered bribes to vote 

Putin is unable to even pretend that the farcical ballots he cast in Donetsk Luhansk Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhia, and Kherson are valid. Nobody believes that they are.