Sacheen Littlefeather was a Native American actress and activist who died at 75.

Sacheen Leslie, Native American activist/actress, died at 75

The tweet was accompanied by an image showing the Yaqui and Apache actress. It read: "Sacheen Lessefeather, Native American civil

right activist who famously declined Marlon brando's 1973 Best Actor Academy Award Award for Actors, Dies at 75."

Littlefeather became a legend when she appeared on stage at the 1973 Oscars as Brando's representative. Brando decided to boycott that

 ceremony out of protest at Native Americans being depicted on the big screen. Brando was also 


responding to the Federal Law Enforcement response to Wounded Knee's occupation by members the American Indian Movement.

A short speech by the actress, who wore a buckskin outfit and moccasins to deliver her message, was received with mixed reactions. 

The budding actress with film credits such as "Winterhawk", "Shoot the Sun Down" or "The Trial of Billy Jack", was forced to quit the film industry.