Shakira Ordered To Stand Trial In Spain For Alleged Tax Evasion

According to the BBC and local reports, Shakira was sentenced by a Barcelona court for six counts related to tax fraud. 


It is alleged that the tax fraud involved 14.5Million Euros ($13.9 million). If convicted, Grammy winner Shakira could be facing an eight year sentence in prison


The prosecution's office in July claimed Shakira was "ordinarily living in Spain between 2002 and 2014" and that she bought a property in Barcelona in May 2012.  

former partner 

They also claim the home was owned by Gerard Pique, a former partner of Shakira and their son, who was born there in 2013 

17.2 Million Euros 

The couple have split since. Shakira declared Spain as her place of residence for tax purposes in 2015. She stated that she paid 17.2 Million Euros ($16.4 Million) in taxes,  

Gerard Pique 

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Rinpoll, who is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll's full name, has been associated with Spain since she met Gerard Pique soccer player. 

case revolves around   

The case revolves around where Shakira lived between 2012-14. Barcelona Prosecutors have claimed that Shakira spent more 


Spain than her Grammy winning period and should have paid taxes, even though she resided in the Bahamas.