South Bend: 7 Amazing Places To Visit In South Bend, Indiana


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South Bend Museum of Art 


The South Bend Museum of Art is a great place to see historical art.


River lights  

The new color scheme will last through the rest of the week and include several themed light shows.  




Potawatomi Zoo 

If you love animals, you'll want to visit the Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend, Indiana.


Howard Park  

Howard Park is a great destination for ice skating, with a private rink, ice pond, and trail.  

The Morris Performing Arts Center  



The Morris Performing Arts Center is a historic 2,564-seat concert hall that was originally opened in 1922.

Potawatomi Conservatories 

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The Potawatomi Conservatories are a set of indoor conservatories located in South Bend, Indiana.