The factual cause of ignite diyas on the fiesta

Every house is lit up with a burning lamp on Diwali. Many people ask why they spend so much money lighting so many lamps. 

We can tell you that these lamps are scientifically supported. There are many other important factors that contributeto Diwali celebrations.

These include political, economic, educational and religious. Diwali day is a special day for work. This day is believed to have a high level of positive energy.

The universe is infused with divine energy power. Let's learn more about the scientific significance of lighting a lamp.

The humidity of the air increases by lighting the lamp. The temperature in the atmosphere will also increase if there are more lamps being lit.

Winter is when the air is thick. It becomes lighter and clearer by lighting a lamp.Doctors say that if the environment is clean, it helps to maintain a healthy immune system.

It is difficult to light desi-ghee lamps these days, especially if they are made of cow's dairy milk.

However, we can tell you that ghee made of desi cow milk kills germs by simply lighting a lamp with cow's desighee.