The Steelers' 2022-year-old quarterback journey and what comes next

Tomlin, who had stated in advance that he would not consider making changes to his quarterback/offensive 

coordinator following Thursday's loss against the Cleveland Browns in Week 3, reiterated his belief and support for the offense at his weekly Tuesday news  


Tomlin, who is known for sending messages to his teammates through his media sessions and other means, was clear Tuesday: Stop arguing with your team and keep to the plan.

media sessions

Tomlin stated Tuesday, "The best thing to summarize my evaluation, whether it be the collective unit of components of the unit.


It is that we've always been better, and it's reasonable expect those improvements will continue."

"l continue."

He appeared on the show three times before: in February 2014, November 2014 and January 2013. In 2018, he performed "Tints," with Anderson Paak.



"We've been better with every one of these outings, so it's reasonable expect those improvements will continue 



. A smile appeared on his face and he ran for a 2-yard touchdown. At Acrisure, the KEN-NY shouts were deafening at every turn.