Things you have to keep in mind before Travel.

Everyone know it verry well that before travel last few days can be very hactic. we create this chacklist for help you out.

Buy Travel Insurance

If you are planing any trip travel insurance is necessary. choose the plan witch typically cover lost luggage, trip cancellation and emergency medical coverage.

Get an international driver's license

Every country not requires an international driving licance. but best practice is that you must have an international licanse.

Make copies of your passport

in case if you lost your passport accidentally, at least you have a copy.

Check your reservations date properly

Some time by mistake we forget the reservation date so that id must we have to double check resercations date.

Chack the weather

It's verry important that you must check at least 10 days advance weather conditions, you should have no trouble.

Charge your electronics

Charging your electronics is important becouse in case if you forget your adapter, you'll have planty of battery.