Top 5 Unique Places To Visit In Nileshwaram

The ancient temples of Nileshwar are significant and important in the local culture.

Palm Leaf

Shri Gopalakrishna Temple

You can reach this temple by bus or taxi. The nearest railway station is Mangalore.

Palm Tree

Azhithala Beach


The pristine waters of Azhithala Beach are located at the mouth of the river, near the town of Nileshwaram.

Bekal Ripples


There is plenty to explore in this town. The Nileshwar railway station is just 3 km away.

Thaikadappuram Beach 


Located 3.6 km from the beach, the town has some important historical monuments such as the Kandinhathoor Sree Krishna Temple

Neelakandeswara Temple


The temple was built in the Chola era. The story of how the Lord swallowed a deadly poison is told here.