Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Samba, India

Samba is a popular Brazilian dance that orginated during the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

#1 Mansar Lake

If you are looking for some beautiful landscapes to visit while on holiday, then Mansar Lake is perfect place for you.

#2 Devsathan Baba Shivo Goran

The Bava Shivo is located in the village of Goran in the Samba District. The nearest bus stop is about 20 km away, on the Sumb-Goran road.

#3 Shri Narsingh Dev Ji Temple

There are several places where you can go to offer prayers. Shri Narsingh Dev Ji Temple is one of them.

#4 Baba Sidh Goria Shrine

The annual mela at Baba Sidh Goria Shree in Samba district did not take place on Sunday. This was because of the epidemic of Covid-19 which has spread to neighboring states.

#5 Utterbehani

Pilgrimage sites of Utterbehani and Purmandal in the states and issued on spot directions for development.

#6 Chichi Mata

The venue for the event is the historical Chichi Mata Temple in Samba, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Whether you are in the area or you are interested in learning.

#7 Baba Chamlyal

In the Ancient India , a Holy person called Baba Chamliyal lived in the village of Chamliyal. This man provided water to thirsty travelers and worked for the welfare of the poor.