Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Auburn, Washington

Auburn’s motto is “More That You Imagined”. It couldn’t be more accurate. When planning a U.S. vacation, Seattle’s suburbs are often overlooked. It’s home to tons of historic and entertaining attractions that are sure to appeal to people of all ages.

#1 Flaming Geyser State Park

Flaming Geyser State Park lies on Green River near Black Diamond. Its name is a result of a flame ignited by methane gas that melted concrete below the surface. 

#2 Soos Creek Botanical Garden

Soos Creek, a stunning public botanical gardens, has a heritage center and ravine garden, as well as a variety fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other plants.

#3 White River Valley Museum

White River Valley Museum, an historical museum, was established by the White River Valley Historical Society in 1996. The Museum was designed to educate future generations about the rich history of the area.

#4 Neely Mansion

The Neely Mansion has a Victorian-style design. It was built as a residence for David Neely’s family in late 1800s. They were one of the first families that arrived in Washington’s Green River Valley. 

#5 Auburn Pioneer Cemetery

The Auburn Pioneer Cemetery was previously known as the Faucett Cemetery or Cemetery at Slaughter. This cemetery holds thousands of graves. It is a testament to the rich history and contributions of Auburnians over the years.

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